Smart Meters and EyeOnWater

Jun 24, 2024

The Board of Directors for Grand Lakes 1 would like to inform and remind residents of the key benefits of Smart Water Meters and EyeOnWater.

Accurate Measurement with Remote Reading: Smart water meters provide a more accurate accounting of water usage compared to traditional meters. Unlike traditional meters that require manual reading and get less accurate with time, smart water meters are read remotely. It measures water flow through ultrasonic frequencies, meaning no moving parts and higher precision; this results in reducing billing discrepancies and ensuring residents are billed accurately.

Real-Time Monitoring and Leak Detection: Real-time monitoring empowers customers by providing residents with detailed information about water usage in near real-time. This allows residents to track consumption patterns and identify any sudden increases that may indicate a leak on the property.

Billing Transparency: With accurate and timely data from smart meters, billing becomes more transparent, leading to better understanding of residential water bills.

Saving Water Saves Money: EyeOnWater tracks how much water is used each month, and helps residents adjust irrigation practices. This not only helps conserve water but also saves residents money by reducing unnecessary irrigation and water waste. Overall, these benefits contribute to efficient water management, conservation efforts, clearer understanding of water use and understanding of monthly water bills.

Smart meters are installed throughout the District, provided to help the operator and residents conserve water, so there is no cost to you or need for parts; they are already at your home!

Getting Started

Check out the resources below for information on registering your smart meter and viewing your usage via EyeOnWater app. EyeOnWater lets you see how much water you’re using and can even alert you of possible leaks on your property.

What You'll Need

Visit to access online or download the mobile app.

When creating your account, you’ll need your water service account number with hyphens, indicated on your water bill.

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